Maine Aging Initiative

About the Initiative

The Maine Aging Initiative, led by the Maine Council on Aging, was developed from the foundation of the 2014 Blueprint for Action on Aging, a plan inspired by the ideas of more than 500 community, business, finance, education and policy leaders who gathered to identify and discuss these issues in depth over many months in the fall of 2013. The motivation for the Maine Aging Initiative is the knowledge that the challenges of our aging demographic are too vast for any one system or program to address. It is going to take a coordinated and collaborative community response supported by all parts of the economy and government to address these challenges.


The Maine Aging Initiative was formally launched in the spring of 2014 to support the concepts of the Blueprint and address specific systemic barriers and opportunities that accompany Maine’s aging population. The overarching goal is to help our older adults thrive as long as they can in their homes and communities. Five working groups were developed, each made up of people—over 100 at the start– from diverse backgrounds sharing different skills and perspectives on the workgroup subject areas. At a conference a year later this group reviewed their work and planned action for the second year of the Aging Initiative resulting in a series of recommended next steps.

Current Status

In early 2016 the Maine Aging Initiative re-configured its work groups to focus closely on strategic outcomes. Continuing to meet throughout 2016, work groups each have key projects to accomplish including these tools to help older adults: planning charrettes for housing alternatives, a shared Common Care Plan for health care providers and community-based organizations, toolkits for human resource professionals and business with strategies for encouraging older Mainers to stay in the workforce, train the trainer event focused on scams and fire safety.

Current project priorities of the four work groups can be found here.

Maine Aging Initiative Resources

If you’re interested in being a resource to one of the groups, contact us to let us know which group you’d like to assist.