What We Do For You

Through policy development and advocacy, communications and outreach, and hosting events like the annual Maine Summit on Aging, MCOA galvanizes support to make our vision a reality!

MCOA Mission

The Council’s mission is to build a strong, multidisciplinary network that promotes the safety, independence and well­being of older adults. Our vision is of a Maine that values and honors the lives and experiences of older adults.

What We Believe

Older adults are valuable members of our communities and vital contributors to our economy. We work hard to ensure our laws and policies support older adults aging well in their homes and communities. MCOA believes in a Maine that values and honors the lives and experiences of older adults and provides choices and opportunity for them to thrive in their communities.

MCOA’s top priority is to lead the Maine Aging Initiative. Through this Initiative, we are advancing innovative proposals that support older adults so that they can thrive in their communities and remain active, integral participants in Maine’s economy.  The core of this work focuses on addressing the immediate housing, transportation, and community care needs of older adults.  The broad long-term goal is to build communities and workplaces that can accommodate the needs of people across the aging continuum and to build a stronger economy for Maine.

The work of the Maine Aging Initiative includes:

Public Policy and Advocacy

Collaborative Workgroups Focused on Research and Priority-Setting

Public Outreach and Education

Convening Major Events (like our annual Maine Aging Summit)

Building Networks between Community and Regional Efforts

For its members—now over 60 organizations, MCOA provides a strong network with opportunities for shared knowledge, a cohesive voice for advancing priority initiatives on aging, engaging quarterly meetings with frequent presentations, and exciting events like the annual Maine Summit on Aging.

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