Workforce & Employment Workgroup

A large percentage of Maine’s workforce will retire in the next ten years and we do not have a sufficient working-age population to fill the gap. We must attract new workers to Maine, capitalize on the depth of skill and experience of Maine’s aging workforce, and support employees who are working caregivers.

New Resource Available from the Workforce & Employment workgroup!  What every business leader needs too know about Maine’s aging workforce, how Maine can increase the size of its workforce, key resources for employers, and messages for older adults making workforce participation decisions. Download here [PDF] 


Community Based Solutions

  • Create and promote a model for Aging Friendly Workplaces that helps employers support aging employees and employees who are family caregivers. Survey Maine’s business community to discover innovative HR practices that support caregivers and aging workers. Promote and disseminate these practices –such as flexible work hours, telecommuting, paid sick days, and training to support older workers extending careers or returning to work. Assist smaller employers to develop aging-friendly HR practices that take into account their unique challenges.
  • Collaborate with higher education to address workforce replacement needs. Support and expand industry-specific training programs in areas likely to experience gaps from a retiring workforce. Promote opportunities for older workers to share their knowledge and expertise, even after they leave the workforce.
  • Survey industry/business for best practices for recruiting, utilizing and engaging the skills and knowledge of older workers. Identify ways to promote these practices with other employers.

Legislative Solutions

  • Support funding for direct care workers and services that help people remain at home. Consider incentives, like the Early Care and Education Revolving Loan Program, that would encourage employers and municipalities to create adult day programming that provide caregiver workers access to quality adult day care during working hours.