Mark your calendars:

September 12, 2018

5th Annual Summit on Aging

Augusta Civic Center: Main Auditorium

9:00AM-3:30PM (registration 8:00-9:00AM)

Maine Wisdom Summit

September 20, 2017

Augusta Civic Center: Main Auditorium

350 community, organizational, business, health, research and policy leaders attended the 4th annual Maine Summit on Aging. The Wisdom Summit focused on reframing the conversation about our aging demographic and older Mainers.  From learning how to start a new business, better support older employees, build stronger communities and play the ukulele, the Wisdom Summit explored the wisdom that is already unfolding in Maine as we rethink what it means to grow old and collaborate to solve our challenges.

Mainers are on the cutting edge of “reframing aging”.  We are cultivating the opportunities that come with longer life and are re-imagining our communities and work experiences.  The Maine Wisdom Summit told that story.  Our presenters connected participants to tools that helped them know how to incorporate these ideas into their lives, work and communities.

We were thrilled to have distance swimmer Pat Gallant-Charette as one of our keynote speakers.  She’s the oldest woman to cross the English Channel and inspired us all to see that age doesn’t have to be an obstacle to taking on what’s next.  Our other keynotes was Julie Sweetland of the FrameWorks Institute. FrameWorks has completed a multi-year project researching how we view aging and our changing demographic.  Julie shared compelling information on how to create a new narrative on aging that will help shift public communication and advocacy on aging issues.