Housing Workgroup

2016 Priorities

  • Identify the continuum of housing options, both currently available and in development, that can help older adults remain safely in their communities, for instance accessory apartments, shared housing, co-housing, bed & breakfast models, and more
  • Convene a series of charrettes with people who influence each part of housing development (i.e. zoning, code enforcement, finance, construction, licensing, etc.) related to each type of housing option to build models that can work in Maine
  • Promote built-out models with appropriate associations and municipalities to encourage development of new models

The Housing Work Group is planning a series of charrettes/workshops on important older adults housing issues including one to be focused on Accessory Apartments with information on codes, planning, zoning, realtors, builders, and finance and will address current challenges and barriers as well as benefits. Any conclusion from the workshops will be reviewed by a few communities engaged in age-friendly development in order to get feedback. Other topics for future workshops include: universal design/”visitability,” bed and breakfast/boarding, and housing with enhanced services.